NHS Staff Feedback Form


Attached below you will find a checklist of students eligible for National Honor Society.
Your honest appraisal of our candidates is invaluable because you are able to observe them in a variety of situations. For this reason, we are asking that you simply check 'recommend', 'not recommend' or 'not applicable' on this form. You can choose to abstain from a given category if you choose. Feel free to add comments as needed. Please keep in mind that no single application will, by itself, cause a student to be denied or granted membership. Please be as candid as you can. Your recommendations are held in strict confidence.

Recommend a student who has shown any of the following behaviors:

Student shows courtesy, concern and respect for others.
Student consistently shows desirable qualities, e.g., friendliness, poise and dependability.
Student shows high standards of honesty and reliability.
Student takes feedback willingly and accepts recommendations for change gracefully.
Student observes instructions and rules in and out of the classroom.
Student shows faithfulness to obligations to responsibilities.
Student tries to do what he or she believes is right.
Student is willing to assist others.
Student seeks out opportunities to be of service.
Student shows sensitivity to the needs of others.
Student is willing to take risks in learning.
Student is respected by peers.
Student shows leadership qualities in the classroom and beyond.

'Not Recommend' a student who does not show these behaviors and has, in fact, proven himself to act in a way that is the opposite of the above behaviors.
'Not Applicable' means that you have not witnessed these behaviors in your interaction with this student. It does not imply a negative, and does not need to be clicked for students with whom you have had no contact. Please leave the section blank if you do not know the student or have had no contact with the student in this capacity. Skip over any student that you do not know or do not wish to rate.

Putting your name on the evaluation helps us should the selection committee need to do some 'follow-up' to make a decision.

Please feel free to make any comments that might help the selection committee rate these applicants. Your comments are invaluable and help us to truly understand the student as a whole.

Thank you so much for your time and input.

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